Company Profile

Embarked on the path to innovate, SMICK Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., essentially with over 50 man-years of experience of several individuals in the global Pharma industry, has emerged as a unique alternative to many, with an increasing presence in India and worldwide, since inception in 2017.

We have magnified ourselves into an emerging pharma company in a short span, offering numerous therapeutic alternatives of FDFs & APIs to countless companies, with over 250 products, in tablets, capsules, dosage forms and injectables. In the emerging markets, we are among the high quality medicines producers and leading exporters, benefitting patients seeking high quality medicinal alternatives for treatment at easily affordable prices

Leadership & Expertise

With humongous experience and enviable credentials of Ketan Shah of KetanPharma and Ashish Jajodia& Manish Jajodia of Shubham Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., SMICK Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was incepted in 2017. Driven by their unwavering philosophies to grow and contribute, the company has forayed into contract manufacturing of Finished Dosage Formulations (FDFs) and APIs (Activated Pharmaceutical ingredients), for the domestic as well as the International market. Ostensibly, that is besides API trading to underpin our associated business entities. Their expertise has facilitated vertical integration of SMICK for production and trade, with significant researching, sourcing and manufacturing capability.


Product Range

We have positioned ourselves as a source of quality for Pharmaceuticals & Neutraceuticals Formulation Contract manufacturing for various products & APIs viz. Oncology, Cortecosteroids, Pain Management, Nutricosmetics, Nutraceutical products and more. Adding to the list is Nutri Cosmetics in contract manufacturing.

SMICK’s range comprises an ideal assortment of specialised dosage forms like Solid dosages, Prefilled Syringes, Sustained Release & Mouth Dissolving Formulations, Lyophilized Injections and a lot more. To warrant their reliability, all of them are manufactured in facilities duly approved by GMP & WHO, PICS, UKMHRA, etc. Significantly, certifications from regulatory bodies have empowered us to provide quality unto satisfaction.


Collaboration &  Competitive Strengths

SMICK is integrated for FDFs & APIs, with a fully equipped infrastructure, soaring sales to international pharma firms; lucrative contract model on long-standing strategic collaboration and tie-ups with key clients.
The effective acumen to work in partnership and garner potential outcome for the benefit of the clients and stakeholders is proof to our strong alliance with Apex Medichem Pvt. Ltd. for API manufacturing, Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd. & MAkcur for Pharmaceutical Formulations, Anaha for Nutraceutical formulation & Cosmectics, supported by integrated network of warehouse and offices globally.

Leaving very prominent prints, the inclusive idea has been to have a pragmatic expansion plan, whilst exploring the inherent capabilities and competitive strengths. Our speciality in API’s has ensured vast network sales and tapping potential areas of penetrating into the market. Also, we have gained remarkable competitiveness in our businesses and assure as much equivalence of it as we have verticals starting with intermediates to FDFs on our own capabilities and ensure completion of the task.


Value Chain & Facilities

Beyond pooling resources, tremendous customer support, with exceptional facilities to meet turnaround time, custom-made range of products and associated services has been SMICK’s proficiency to build a holistic value chain across-the-board.

Considering the prevalent circumstances, SMICK has built up its facilities and stringent R&D Specifics for manufacturing of API and Pharma&Nutra FDFs, Cosmetics formulation and so on.(some data required- Bafna, Apex, Anaha, Makur data to be given. )


Global Reach

Notably, all of those and more of pivotal strong points have enabled SMICK to break through into global markets viz. in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

Moreover, we plan to register our formulations in at least 10 countries including ROW (Rest of the World) & Regulated markets, and we intend to add at least 5 more products to our existing range of APIs in the years to come.


Growth & Commitment

Ahead of the conventions, SMICK aspires to leapfrog with a high growth trajectory before long, with utmost dedication, quality, reliability, excellent customer support; meeting enormously rising customer demands for Formulations & APIs. Thus SMICK’s projected volumes of manufacture and supply is believed to exceed its existing capacity multi-fold in the nearest future.

SMICK is committed to bettering every time, with newer product profiles, services and customer interfacing, further anticipating exceptional global growth sooner than foreseen.