FDF Overview


By far, deep-seated and inherent capability of SMICK has been the mammoth expertise and experience in contract manufacturing of Finished Dosage Formulations. Not limiting to India, we have known to be competitive exporters of quality FDF to various continents, which include Latin America and South East Asia. We offer solid & injectable forms.

SMICK has absolute control over the entire manufacturing process, right from the start unto the completion, from API to Intermediates procurement to the finished product.


As a holistic facility, SMICK has a completely harnessed state-of-the-art manufacturing advantage for formulation and analytical development. Perfectly equipped, the highly adaptable and capable design meets the most stringent international standards, and complies with cGMP, cGLP& ICH guidelines in conducting the R&D activities along with full regulatory compliance to EU-DMF and US-DMF.

Moving ahead, no matter what the conditions are, the facility for producing the formulations are from top to bottom equipped with all the required instruments and process control amenities; thus new products are manufactured in such perpetually created settings, ensuring appropriate laboratory scale to validation batches, as part of the process. The intent is to elevate, develop and mobilise new, competitive, cost-effective and quality products to exceed customer satisfaction; further innovate to make certain sustenance of quality and quantity in the competitive global market.


Supplementing the core competencies, SMICK’s facilities has been known for:

  • Perfect Organogram & lab setup
  • Highly-skilled Professional Scientists
  • Strong Analytical Team Support
  • R&D QA for Systems & Documentation
  • Formulation Development – New Project
  • Process Development and Process Optimization
  • Perfect Organogram & Lab setup
  • Analytical Method Development and Method Validation
  • Analytical Method Transfer
  • Stability Study as Per ICH Guidelines