Values & Philosophy

Core Values and Focus

  • SMICK’s core focus is consistency in providing quality products & services, bettering them with excellence in performance and delivery

  • Meticulous approach towards concerns for customers, stakeholders, business associates and employees


  • Akin to quality, taking a measured look into achieving excellence being glitch & defect free, innovativeness and exploring business potentials

  • Being exceedingly futuristic, in this digital sphere, is an inseparable constituent of SMICK

  • Our philosophy constitutes being an important and valuable partner to our customers in terms of Pharmaceuticals business, customer satisfaction, mobilising healthcare globally. Thus the ethos encompasses global wellness, based on SMICK’s knowledge, diligence and professionalism

  • Absorbing tangible ideas of functioning, human resource capitalisation & providing growth opportunities; also, for the most part, deriving inspirations to learn and develop

  • Steadfastness and sense of purpose in achieving will be on the thresholds of people’s competencies; Clearly, with utmost integrity and uncompromised transparency and precision