API Overview


SMICK is an API (Bulk Drugs) manufacturer of Corticosteroids and Pain Management. One of our specialised core areas in the pharma sector, predominantly, having positioned us as one of the most competitive suppliers of many APIs (Bulk Drugs) across the world.

We not only produce, but also trade in APIs, thus it has enabled us to gain the trust of numerous customers worldwide for being able to manage the processes with ease and build partnerships and collaborations. All the products are GMP & WHO compliant, hence assuring quality, purity and safety.



The combination of producing and trading, beyond the peripheries has empowered us to embark on providing “ready-to-use” products to the B2B spectrum, largely.
Focus is mainly on manufacturing with DMF support, besides producing API and cosmetics at competitive prices under strict quality controls; also, auditing successfully by large number of customers in India. Our plant is WHO GMP compliant.

QA & Regulatory Affairs

SMICK’s QA & Regulatory Affairs encompasses all required facilities besides humongous all-round experience in every area of cGMP Implementation, Audits and Compliance, Regulatory Dossier Preparation, Submission, Deficiency Response, Updation to Regulatory agencies and customers.

Research & Development

R&D is stocked with facilities, and powered by a highly qualified, skilled and experienced team, strengthened by independent laboratories for chemical synthesis development and analytical method development and validations


The most indispensable tool of SMICK is its capability to bind resources, facilities, garner advantages of infrastructure and equipments to ensure consistency in creating a product pipeline through Research and Development.

Surpassing the ordinary, SMICK constantly
develops non patent infringing processes. The objective is to expand the pipeline of products. Since inception we have created generic products at our R&D labs. The team is actively striving hard to innovate newer processes that will enable us to manufacture and market generic versions of products.